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VEHICLE NAME: Honda Activa

MODE: On rent in Srinagar Kashmir



Elevate your Srinagar experience with our Honda Activa scooter on rent in Srinagar Kashmir. Explore the breathtaking beauty of this Kashmiri paradise on two wheels. Our meticulously maintained scooters offer convenience and style, ensuring you navigate the city’s narrow lanes and serene landscapes effortlessly. Whether you’re a tourist eager to discover Dal Lake or a local in need of efficient daily transportation, our Honda Activa provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution. Enjoy the freedom of personalized exploration and seamless mobility. Rent your Honda Activa today and embark on unforgettable journeys through Srinagar’s captivating terrain. Discover Srinagar, your way, with our trusted scooter rental services.


1. Design and Styling: The Activa 110 boasts a timeless design that combines elegance with simplicity. Its sleek lines, well-contoured body, and stylish headlamp give it a modern and appealing look. Honda has paid attention to detail, making sure that the Activa 110 appeals to a wide range of riders with its aesthetic charm.

2. Engine Performance: At the heart of the Activa 110 is a refined 109.51cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine. This engine is known for its smooth power delivery and fuel efficiency. It generates a maximum power of 8 bhp and a peak torque of 9 Nm, providing adequate power for city commutes and occasional highway rides.

3. HET Technology: Honda’s patented HET (Honda Eco Technology) is integrated into the engine, ensuring excellent fuel efficiency. This technology optimizes combustion and reduces friction, resulting in impressive mileage figures. The Activa 110 consistently delivers outstanding fuel economy, making it an economical choice for daily commuting.

4. Smooth CVT Transmission: The Activa 110 features a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), which eliminates the need for manual gear shifting. This technology ensures a smooth and hassle-free riding experience, especially in stop-and-go city traffic. Riders can enjoy effortless acceleration without worrying about gear changes.

5. Comfortable Seating and Ergonomics: Honda has prioritized rider comfort in the Activa 110. The scooter offers a spacious and well-padded seat, ensuring a comfortable riding position for both the rider and pillion. The wide floorboard provides ample legroom, making it convenient for riders of all sizes.

6. Telescopic Front Suspension: For enhanced ride quality and stability, the Activa 110 is equipped with telescopic front suspension. This setup absorbs bumps and undulations on the road, providing a smooth and comfortable ride. It ensures that the scooter remains stable even on rough surfaces.

7. Tubeless Tires: Tubeless tires not only reduce the chances of sudden deflation but also enhance safety and handling. The Activa 110 comes fitted with tubeless tires, contributing to a safer and worry-free riding experience.

8. Combi-Brake System (CBS): Honda’s CBS technology is a safety feature that ensures optimal braking performance. When the rider applies the rear brake, the CBS system simultaneously activates the front brake to provide balanced and controlled braking. This feature significantly improves braking efficiency, especially in emergency situations.

9. Generous Storage Space: The Activa 110 offers a sizable under-seat storage compartment, allowing riders to carry essentials like helmets, rain gear, and more. This practical feature adds to the scooter’s utility and convenience.

10. Durability and Reliability: Honda’s reputation for durability and reliability extends to the Activa 110. The scooter is built with high-quality materials and engineering standards, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of daily use and provide trouble-free performance over the years.


  1. Visit Top Kashmir Tours and Travels Website: Begin by visiting the official website of Top Kashmir Tours and Travels. Look for the “Two-Wheeler Rentals” section or use the search feature to find information on renting a Honda Activa scooter in Srinagar.
  2. Select Honda Activa Scooter Option: Once on the relevant page, explore the available options for two-wheeler rentals. Locate the Honda Activa scooter and click for detailed information. Check for rental rates, terms and conditions, and any additional features or services provided.
  3. Pickup Location and Requirements: Identify the designated pickup location in Srinagar where you can collect your rented Honda Activa scooter. Take note of any specific requirements, documentation, or identification needed for the pickup. Ensure you have all the necessary items for a smooth process.
  4. Vehicle Familiarization: Upon pickup, take some time to familiarize yourself with the Honda Activa scooter. Inspect the vehicle for any pre-existing damages and ensure all essential features are in working order. If you notice any issues, communicate them to the rental service before starting your journey.
  5. Enjoy Your Ride in Srinagar: With the Honda Activa scooter at your disposal, embark on a delightful ride through the beautiful landscapes of Srinagar. Explore the scenic spots and make the most of your rental experience. Return the scooter at the agreed-upon time and location to conclude your rental period.


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